Family Ministry

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Ongoing activities
  • Kids Club - For young people in grades 3-6 of Primary School. Currently in recess.
  • Refuel Youth - A youth group for Secondary School young people. This group is currently in recess.
  • Combined Worship in Traralgon - 9:00am each Sunday morning.  We will worship God together in a way that encourages participation through visuals, hands on activities, traditional  and contemporary music.
  • Messy Church in Traralgon - In Messy Church we explore what Faith in Jesus means for us through activities, celebration and a shared lunch.  For more info about Messy Church you can go to the following Website to see where all the mess has come from.

Easter to Pentecost - A time of transformation.
Like Caterpillars that are transformed into beautiful butterflies, Jesus wants to transform us to be more like him.  What does this mean for us?  Why not reflect on this over the coming weeks and do an experiment to help us out. 
Make a growing caterpillar like we have in our worship.  Here is an easy way.
1.     Mix together 1 cup of grass seed (Rye grass works well) with 5 cups of seed raising potting mix. 
2.     Put into a stocking,
3.     Place rubber bands around at certain points to create sections in your caterpillar.
4.     Decorate with pipe cleaners and eyes.
5.     Dunk your caterpillar in water and place in a warm position to grow.  Remember to make sure your caterpillar is well watered.

Our caterpillars have been transformed from black caterpillars to wonderful green caterpillars that need a haircut.  How will this transformation continue?  What will happen at Pentecost May 19th?
What do you think is required to help the caterpillars be transformed?  What do you think is required for us to be transformed to be like Jesus?

Below are some photos that show the progress of our Caterpillars. 
The first two photos are after worship on 14 April when the caterpillars were created.  Then two photos after 1 week, and one photo after 2 weeks.  WOW, what a transformation! You will see that they not only grew happily, but they made some great cocoons and turned into Beautiful butterflies.
Caterpillar Parade - April 14
First Drinks - April 14
1 Week later
1 Week later

Two weeks later.  WOW.  time for a haircut.
Into a cocoon to rest.
To the cocoon.

A Beautiful Butterfly.
I thought I was a caterpillar?

Online Resources

  • A great website for preschool and primary aged activities & games is flame creative kids.  Let us know how you go with the praying with the senses activities.
  • For video and other resources to helping children and young people live life to the MAX, 7 days a week with Jesus, check out the Max 7 website.